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Talking about Brand is like talking about God

It has been said that talking about brand is like talking about God.  Everyone has their own definition and beliefs.  One of my professional missions the last few years has been to evangelize the power of brand to transform the way my industry sells enterprise technology and satisfies customers.

By gaining a better understanding of the power of branding, one learns to appreciate its value for the B2B IT industry. Branding isn’t just a consumer marketing practice. Voice of the Customer initiatives in the IT industry support this shared belief.  However, very few enterprise software companies do brand building well – but a few do it exceptionally. I’ve decided to dedicate the first half of 2013 to an examination of branding and how it can help Content Marketing strategy and tactics.

As a blog, Under the Influence will strive never to be preachy in its tone, but instead present ideas and opinions, relate insights on the news with links to point of origin, and analyze emerging trends and best practices as asserted by sources we trust in common.

If you are a senior-level technology marketer, and would like to be interviewed, please drop me a line.

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