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Mobile Security eBook Helps Veracode Use Humor to Cover Some Serious Subjects

Influential Strategies completed a content marketing project for Veracode, a leading application security testing company based in Boston. Our team produced an informative but whimsical ebook to educate mobile workers on the need for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security. The resulting campaign was one of the most successful in the client’s history, resulting in 1000s of downloads and returning many times its cost to Veracode’s sales pipeline.

Download the Veracode eBook    Veracode eBook cover

Who was this content marketing project targeting?

Veracode offers an on-demand software security testing platform to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at large enterprises. With the evolution and growth of the enterprise mobile market, CISOs and IT managers are struggling to confront the challenges of BYOD security as they work to protect company data in the mobile environment.

What was the content strategy?

Veracode approached Influential looking for an education piece on mobile security that could help its enterprise IT customers and partners teach their employees about the importance of keeping their personal devices, and their employer’s data, safe. Mobile app testing was to be a new market for Veracode, so it wanted to seed the market and generate awareness in the months leading up to the launch of its new mobile app testing service. The call-to-action was a free seminar or webinar on mobile security for up to 250 attendees.

Why create an eBook?

This piece was aimed at mobile users, who increasingly have a consumer mindset when it comes to the technology they use at work. Veracode didn’t want another technical whitepaper. In fact the eBook was clearly published by Veracode but otherwise did not mention their product offerings. They wanted a fun, booklet-sized, easily consumed asset that their customers’ employees would actually want to read! It had to answer the central question posed to corporate IT by mobile workers everywhere, “why can’t I just bring my iPad to work?!”

How was the content created?

Working with Veracode, Influential researched, created and published the eBook in about seven weeks. The content was written and designed to be breezy and easily readable – featuring the humorous interplay between two illustrated characters, Joe IT and J.W. (short for “Joe Worker”). Veracode had never created a playful piece like this before. Influential began with a written treatment and design mood boards to get the look and tone right. The book was scripted almost like a play, with Veracode as the “voice of God” narrator discussing mobile security with the two Joe’s. The creative process required tight collaboration between Influential’s writer, our designer and the client to strike the right balance of education, market insight and humor. The book ends with 10 tips everyone can use to secure their mobile device. We even authored a book foreword for Veracode’s chief technology officer.

What other content marketing services did Influential provide?

The Influential team worked on all campaign creative including the promotional offer, website banner and landing pages for both IT and consumer audiences. Veracode’s marketing team developed supporting content for blog posts, infographics, email campaigns, seminar materials, PR and inside sales outreach – all integrated with the look & feel of the eBook itself.

Veracode ebook banner

How was the eBook distributed?

The Veracode eBook was initially released only as a PDF, at first ungated (no registration required) to encourage wider distribution. Like most B2B content marketing pieces, it was completely free. The eBook was completely social media-ready to encourage readers to like, follow and share it easily. Later Veracode required registration on their website to obtain the book. Our client quickly decided to print a supply of the book in hard copy to market at trade shows as well as branded versions for sales prospects who took advantage of the free consulting offer.

What were the content marketing campaign’s goals?

The effort had three major objectives: to better penetrate target accounts via the free seminar, to build awareness for Veracode’s mobile application security offerings, and to capture leads via the website.

What were the results of this content marketing campaign?

The Veracode mobile security eBook was downloaded almost 11,000 times from the company website. This may not seem like a lot to consumer content marketers, but let me assure you that in the business content marketing world this is stellar response, and doesn’t even count pass-around readership and social shares. Most folks enjoyed the book without needing to register, but the campaign captured 900+ sales leads for follow-up by Veracode. Our client ended up printing and distributing the eBook for numerous Fortune 500 companies, where it is used as an internal training tool for the mobile workforce.

Veracode estimates that to date the eBook has returned 19X its cost of production back into its sale pipeline. That’s a resounding content marketing success story, no matter the industry.

Some images from the Veracode mobile security eBook are below.  Download the full book here

Veracode book page 2

Veracode book page 1

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