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Explaining the Value of Analyst Relations to Salespeople (Part 2)

Will industry analysts speak directly to a sales prospect? Industry analysts are usually willing to speak directly to prospects in the middle of a purchase decision. After all, this is their bread & butter business …not us vendors! This is easiest when the customer or prospect is already a client of the analyst firm – i.e. when the vendor and [...]

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Explaining the Value of Analyst Relations to Salespeople (Part 1)

Industry analysts play a critical role in the sales cycle.  From their unique vantage point, sitting between vendors and end user organizations, they foster an important dialogue between the vendor’s lofty vision for the market and actual user needs on the ground.  Their influence in helping buyers short-list vendors according to product requirements should not [...]

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Brand in a considered purchase

The insights stated here were gathered as a direct result of a number of primary interviews conducted over the past few months with fairly prominent VP-level technology marketers. The conventional wisdom sadly holds that Branding is unimportant in the considered…

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