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Brand Research is not Market Research

One of my favorite online resources for trends, case studies and strategic approaches to branding is Brandchannel – hosted by Interbrand. It isn’t just a collection of the firm’s own work, but offers a real forum for discussion and third-party…

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Positioning vs. Branding

Many of the same tech marketers I have interviewed as part of this blogging project negate the importance of Branding while holding up Positioning as the ultimate strategy for winning minds and markets. This distinction is important to address, as…

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Brand in a considered purchase

The insights stated here were gathered as a direct result of a number of primary interviews conducted over the past few months with fairly prominent VP-level technology marketers. The conventional wisdom sadly holds that Branding is unimportant in the considered…

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Brand (n.); Branding (v.)

This is a silly little post … …but I think it’s important to make a distinction between these words, as they are not interchangeable, and yet are so subject to swapping around by marketing people. (definition language below liberally borrowed…

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Mike’s definition of Brand

Since I began this blog by comparing talking about brand to discussions of the Great Almighty, it’s only fair that I impart to you, in the interest of full disclosure from the start, my own personal religion. I decided to…

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