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An Outsourced Marketing Department Delivers for Hot Mobile Enterprise Startup

Influential Strategies has just wrapped up an eight-month engagement for Armor 5, a software startup based in Silicon Valley.

Armor5 logo smallThis enterprise mobile security company provides a cloud service addressing the challenges of bring-your-own-device (BYOD). It’s a crowded, noisy market packed with vendors providing Mobile Device Management, dual identity mobile devices and a lot of hype. Armor5 was emerging from stealth mode and needed to come out the gate strong, announce its seed funding and launch its product with some positive buzz.

Mike as VPM

Deploying an integrated seven-person team, Influential provided a complete “outsourced marketing department” to Armor5’s CEO comprised of strategic planning, content, design, web development, lead generation, inside sales and PR. Michael Teeling was appointed Vice President of Marketing. Our objectives were to promote a free trial of the on-demand service via a company website that hadn’t been built yet. The race was on …and we only had six weeks!

Longer term, our team knew that we had to leave Armor5 in the best possible position to close its first few critical customers, before its initial funding round ran dry. That meant spinning up the marketing infrastructure necessary to run programs and events, filling the sales pipeline with interested companies and resellers, and hopefully attracting a few venture capital firms interested in Series A investment.

Read the full Armor5 case study to see how we did.

For those of you short on time, let me break it down for you. Influential Strategies delivered.  Armor5 media accolades

Mike on Demo stageNot only did we build that website (plus landing pages and slide presentations and product content and even an analyst white paper), but we reached nearly 300,000 people with Armor5’s story in only three months. We grew website traffic an average of 13 percent per week in the process. We filled their pipeline with trial subscribers and other interested parties, and Armor5 closed its first revenue deal during our tenure.

Influential helped the company package and present its brand as the evolution of “mobile virtualization” – an existing segment in the BYOD market. Our content marketing performed great, with one email campaign enjoying an unheard-of 53 percent open rate (yes, you read that right). Analysts and press covered the company in numerous “hot startup” articles. Mike even helped present Armor5 on stage at the prestigious startup event DEMO Mobile.

Watch the video:

Can your enterprise tech company use a little of what Armor5 got? The Influential team would love to repeat our success! Whether a single project, ongoing program or completely outsourced department, we produce measurable success for your content marketing initiatives.

Download the Armor5 case study.

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