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B2B Technology Content Marketing Is a Big Subject

With this post, we’re going to begin to pivot the focus of this blog a bit. Up to this point we’ve spent a lot of time examining B2B technology branding, software brand strategy and branding for startups. Future posts will begin to explore a wider set of subjects under the banner of content marketing as a practice in the technology industry as well as in the wider business marketing domain. Influential specializes in content strategy, content creation and content distribution – so any of those three aspects will be fair game!

We’re going to begin by publishing some software marketing content case studies from recent client engagements and go from there. Hopefully they will illuminate some of the latest content marketing tactics that other technology startups are using to produce branded content that sells. When content marketing first emerged, business-to-consumer campaigns dominated the conversation. Now stories of successful programs driven by B2B marketing content are emerging – as enterprise use of social media, mobile and other online channels matures.

Over the last decade, Influential Strategies has grown to become one of the leading content marketing agencies exclusively serving software marketing clients. The firm has helped 52 clients so far, specializing in enterprise software startups as well as established B2B technology companies.

Let us manage your next content marketing project! We offer software marketing project management to technology startups in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and beyond. From producing a single piece of content to managing an entire content marketing program, you can trust Influential’s enterprise technology marketing expertise as the startup marketing specialists.

Thanks for spending some time on this site getting to know us. As a firm that focuses only on technology content marketing, we value any comments or feedback you may have on any particular practice in the computer software industry or marketing in general. Please drop us a line or give us a call.


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